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Website Tips 101 - Simple URL's for SEO

Kym Campbell - Monday, June 29, 2015


According to a recent SEO report, 93% of online experiences begin with an online search. Almost 83% of internet consumers worldwide use the search function to type in keywords to find products and services online. With over 100 billion global searches being conducted each month, it’s important for your web address to be easy for search engines like Google to pick up. So our twelth website tips is:

12. Make sure your website address URL is simple and includes your core services

Your website and product URLs should be simple and jargon free. A great URL will be clear, concise, meaningful and friendly. If a URL is complicated, long and full of digits, symbols and underscores, not only will your customers not remember it, but search engines may have problems deciphering what your keywords are.

If readers see a straightforward URL that lists business or product names, they may be reassured that the page will deliver what they are searching for; which will increase your click-through rate. These steps suggest to search engines like Google that the page is relevant and will position it higher up in search engine rankings.

Google recommends using hyphens instead of underscores in URL names, since a phrase in which the words are connected using underscores is treated by Google as one single word.


Just say a window tinting business requires a website. Which name will be easier for search engines to pick up....ABC Tinting, or ABC Window Tinting Services? If you picked the second one you're spot on! It has cleverly included a keyword phrase in it's business name, so their website would also have a keyword phrase in its landing page URL. Their website will be easier for online consumers to find, and search engines to pick up. WSW recommends this as best practice when researching and securing Domain names, and writing page content for clients.

Keywords and URLs

Updating site content by Blogging also gives your site more keywords and URLs for searchers to hit on, and they're constantly being added to as you continue to write about new services, products, projects, industry tips and client success stories. The combination of new material, new keywords and new URLs help to increase your website's visibility and visitors and help it move up the all-important search engine rankings.

We have proved it here at WSW. The more often we Blog and update content across the site, the more likely that content is to go viral and put those keywords and URLs at the top of the search engines...and increase our enquiries, leads and sales opportunities. This process really is easy on our Content Management System (CMS) platform. Contact us if you need help improving your website's search engine results.

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