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Website Tips 101 - Is Your Web Provider MIA?

Kym Campbell - Friday, February 19, 2016


Recently we've had several new clients come to us after their web provider has either stopped taking calls, died (seriously...and not just one!), or the company has closed down. In some cases they disappeared taking the clients website and domain name with them. This has prompted us to put together the following tips of things you can do if this happens to your website.

16. Steps you can take to rescue your website

  • Gain access to your website data & emails - Contact your web hosting provider & ask for the 'cPanel log in details.' Log in and download your files via FTP. If this is impossible because the provider is unreachable, go to point 3.
  • Gain control of your domain registration - Normally you can register your own domain name/s, but if your web provider did it for you, they may have registered your domains in their own name instead of yours. If they were legit & registered them in your name it will be an easy task to request access to your login details to modify your domain contact details. If they were registered in the web providers name, go to the next point.
  • If you don't have control as stated in the first 2 points - Do a who is search to find out who has ownership of your domain name. You can then contact the registrar company to change the contact details and lodge a transfer of ownership case. The process to gain access can become a long, drawn out saga, so if this all seems too our team to do it for you!

WebsiteWise specialises in rescue efforts when your previous developer or hosting company has become unresponsive. We've helped dozens of clients regain control and make a fresh start in their business online strategy.

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